The first step to better crops, higher yields and more profit is improving your soil.
Striking the right balance between healthy soil tilth, crop residue management and a seedbed consistency is no
simple task. As the most aggressive disk ripper on the market, the Case IH Ecolo-Tiger 870 efficiently sizes and
mixes the toughest, heaviest residue, while also leveling the soil out the back for a smooth seedbed in the spring.
It’s built to be configurable throughout with attachment options and adjustability to match your cropping
practices and field conditions. All of which means more yield potential and more profit. The Case IH Ecolo-Tiger 870 features 9 ripper shanks, closing discs, and rolling baskets.
Reccomended horsepower ranges from 360 to 500 depending on field conditions. The 870 has a working width of 18 ft, and a transport width of 16 ft 9 in.

Rafazr & lindbejb, Appalaches Modding, NEFG Modding


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