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  1. Nice mod. I like all option its add

    But I use Xbox 360 controller and when i put some deadzone to go straight foward the mod reset the deadzone everytime I load my savegame. Why? do you maybe patch it?

  2. Hey Robin, to remove the park break hold down the left CTRL key and press the spacebar. Hope this helps! Also Francis I am encountering the same problem as you. I am also using an XBOX 360 controller and every time I set my Deadzone to 14%, save it, and load up a game this mod resets the deadzone back to 0%.. I am going to roll back and download and install the previous version of this mod and see if I am still encountering the same problem.. I will let you know how things go.

  3. Hey Francis and everyone else thinking about downloading this mod and who use an XBOX 360 controller.. This mod is excellent in its own right but when it comes down to the deadzone properties on your XBOX 360 controller this mod will continue to reset your deadzone back to 0% making controlling your vehicle pretty much impossible in a straight line. Any slight movement in the left joystick on the controller will cause the vehicle to move in whichever way the joystick is slightly pointed.

    With that said.. I have tried every update since version 1, and version 1 is the ONLY mod that does not reset your deadzones. Keep this in mind when you’re thinking about downloading this mod guys.

  4. When I remove the mod from my mods folder and load up the game with 360 controller the view moves around and the person walks around slowly by its self
    Never happened until I got this mod

  5. Eu uso controle do xbox one mas nn ta funfando nada ak, eu mexo pra lá e pra ca e nn da certo nunca… como eu ativo o mod ?eu já coloquei ele !!

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