Dodge cummins




This is a dodge cummins that blows black smoke and loves fuel pulls way better then the stock dodge it will hook up to all trailers but pto and semi 5th wheel hitch. This is not a drop in mod I didn’t know how to make it in to a mod but if any one can you are more then welcome to do so. So for now you have to go to your data then vehicles then steerable,Replace cars file but save it some where you might need it back! Ok then copy the cars file in the zip and drop it in and bam a new dodge!



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12 Responses

  1. Wiskyeye says:

    Love the look of it and the black smoke effect is kool but umm…
    Please fix the side exit of exhaust smoke to match the duel exhaust on vehicles rear bumper…
    This makes the mod unusable for me…

  2. Alex says:

    how do you get the actual mod into the game

  3. Rambow145 says:

    Ok here is a how to install this truck video, And if you don’t want to trust the link just search Rambow145 on youtube.

  4. I tried it lights are scerwed up I took the file back out of the game now I cant buy the truck in the game

  5. Rambow145 says:

    To fix the lights you will have to go in to the GIANTS Editor find the brake lights and move them up a bit and save it. Now your lights are fixed and it should still work 🙂

  6. whydid says:

    ummm this isnt a mod. its an unfinished work in progress or something should be put out to pasture. if you dont know how to make into a mod and the people using your files needs to do all the work to make it work. its not a mod. plz take down until fixed or works as a drop in mod. if you dont know how to make it a mod, then the time you take not making it a drop in, could be used actually learning how to do it right.

  7. stewi114 says:

    an attachable weight would be really nice due to front end lifting up when pulling grain.

  8. Rambow145 says:

    @whydid, Soon as you make it in to a mod they can take it down. Some one that runs this site seen it and they had the call to post it so they must of seen it fit to be put up. And yea that would be nice to have on the front I tried to put one on. It didn’t seem to help but I probs didn’t set it right in the editor.

  9. Missouri Farmer says:

    Nice truck just needs a couple of minor improvements

  10. Rambow145 says:

    I updated the truck a bit link to the video. Or search rambow145 I put it on here but I guess to many ppl didn’t like that is was not a drop in mod so they didn’t post it. nice name Missouri Farmer good time to play fs with it being cold and the snow we had a week ago

  11. mandingo says:

    Fuel pull? You must mean full pull…

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