Crasher V 1.0

crasher (1)

crasher (2)


New technologies of wood. Now you can process the wood chips in on industrial scale
Now this monster is eating even small branches (not chewing and swallowing and choking)



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5 Responses

  1. dylanraabe says:

    if you want to see the crasher working here is a video,

  2. Jonas says:

    This is Gold. No problem to get hole trees to be chipped, however if i can wish something.

    Make a longer version of this 2-3m would do
    You make the net around the opening lower, that would also improve the reach of the crane.

    If you don´t want to make those changes, i will still use this mod. Thanks!!

  3. moi says:

    jarive pas a talecharger comment kon fai?

  4. pierre says:

    moi non plus c’est la galere si quelqu’un ces qu’ils disent

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