Courseplay is a tool for the machines have to perform many different tasks for you. Those who default helper AI can not do. For example, Courseplay ideal for unloading plant, driving the chaff from the helicopter to the farm or BGA. Courseplay been developed continuously over the last 3 years. By now, you can even push the bale hay collect, cultivate, fertilize and seed plots, mowing or empty your BGA silo. Now and for FS 15.

Jakob Tischler, Thomas Gärtner, horoman


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27 Responses

  1. Zeljko says:

    No file

  2. rhys says:

    when running two or more trailers with courseplay the game keeps freezing can you help with this

  3. Jonas says:

    No File on the download.

  4. DaBooZ says:

    Fake. No file to download.

    • Pascallas says:

      it is not fake, in the zip file is a folder. you need to extract the folder and zip the content of that extracted folder. the last zip file you put in you mod folder

  5. Satis says:

    I don’t care if it’s fake or not, but this is unacceptable. First they uploaded an developing version without permission of the developers (Me included) and they didn’t credit all the authors as well (Also me included)
    Now this should be taken down and never uploaded here again unless specific getting permission from the dev team.

  6. Brad says:

    I did download it, it was in file, but I was unaware that the original developers were not the ones releasing this, I will be deleting it, I was so happy to see it available that I downloaded to try it out,

  7. jpmax47 says:

    Satis is right. He’s been a great asset to the community. If he and the developers did not release this product, then it shouldn’t have been posted. If some of you have issues with that, get over it. The real developers will realease Coursplay 2015 when they feel it’s ready. They have always developed a great product in the pass and I trust they will again when they feel it’s ready to be released.

  8. jeppe133 says:

    When my tractor is going to turn at the chopper freezes it all just and all I can do is close the game from the job list

  9. bfdirt says:

    The file is real but not all functions work. The Combi feature works with standard bines. You can also use it to send goods to market sell points. Does not work with krone harvester nor does the shovel feature work. We have to wait for the real courseplay team to finish working for full features. In the meantime I will use this.

  10. Falco2000 says:

    erst mal dank an die Leute die sich die mühe machen und so etwas für andere entwickeln.aber ich habe mit dem neuen Patchs 1.2 von ls ein Problem die abfahrer fahren jetzt nur noch 1-2 km/h, kann mir da einer helfe.ich bedanke mich im voraus.

  11. ansmanner says:

    How to stat Courseplay ?

  12. RMG says:

    after FS 2015 patch 1.2, in course play all vehicles moves at 1 km/h!!

  13. Martin says:

    bei mir das Gleiche, fahren alle nur noch 2 km/h

  14. jonathan says:

    I came across this great mod via you tube, and I’m glad to see I’m not the only one that is having trouble at 2km/h, I’d hate to think that I would be missing out, on this great mod.
    To the mod crew that made this;… If you wish I will delete this file, out of respect for you and all your and the rest of the crew’s hard work, but please don’t deprive all who come here, there is a lot of chatter about this mod because of it’s brilliance, we don’t want to see this fail, One person does not speak for all of us. I can hardly wait for the end result.

  15. Didier says:

    The solution is here: you write “course play master” into Google and you come to the site GitHub
    Clicking “Download zip” and you’ll zip the contents of the “courseplay-master” file, this zip file will replace this course play mod.

  16. Cameron says:

    We have downloaded and extracted to the mods folder WE created in the FS2015 folder.

    When we enter game there is no mod.

    This is the first mod we have downloaded for 2015

  17. pur3t4 says:

    Download this mod from the oficial site

    100% working 🙂

  18. Sebastian says:


  19. Sebastian says:

    Ich spiele gerne LS15, habe vor 4 Jahren mit dem LS11 angefangen und bin begeistert

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