Push Release
Field scanner tuning (may help with #292)
Always use AI markers for plow offset
Turn fix for #283
Wait for implements lower after turn ( #277, #288, #251 )
Pathfinder turn fix #188
Course generator fix for #263
Could fix #128
Disabled Shovel/shield auto workwidth #261
Should fix #275
Fix for percentage parameters
Course generator settings added
Combine pocket fix #284

Push Release
ATTENTION: You may need to reset your vehicles!
This is something that can happen in early development state.
Plow rotation typo for course turn fix #19
Allow more room to align implements before reversing #93
Create an alignment course to start if too far
fix for #212, #223, #227
Ridgemarker and Strawswath setting now works #147 and #114
debug info can now be turned on/off on the vehicle settings page
Connecting track transition fixes #258
More Translation changes

Several Translation Updates and fixes (Thanks to our translater!) #158
Small vehicle selection improvements in the Ingame menu.
Always selects the current controlled vehicle on inGameMenu opening.
Fixes course name in course manager.
fixes work width.
Fixes key conflict with ingame menu.
New Mini Gui.
Fix for 180 turns #169
Fix for combines with no pipes #177
3 point turn fix for #141 and #162
Update shape files by @rohne83 (Thank you!) #142 Bug fixes
Unfold balers if needed before start #143
Chopper not moving fix #130
Combine self unload fix #134 Speed setting fix and baler
Do not change the max speed setting as it is global
for all vehicles (at least as of now, later we may
add vehicle specific maximums/minimums)
Some balers work, those with wrapper may not yet.
closes #21 bugfixes
Several AIVE conflict fixes for #35, #61
Changed default keybinding for opening/closing course generator settings. #25
Combine pipe trembling fix #38
headland clockwise setting added #30, #72
headland first/center first setting fixed #59
Reactivate raise/lower early/late settings #77

The next version of Courseplay.
– Multiplayer support will be added in a future release.
– Full controller support for the GUI is planned for the future.

Peter Vaiko
Logo Design by Finals Farming


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