Version 2
In a nice message, I was informed that a building on my map could not be sold, during the research there were other small errors, which I immediately fixed. First of all, if you want to keep the yard like this and do not plan to sell buildings, you can continue to play with the first version.
I sat down and fixed the errors as it seems to me. During the test, I found that the three halls at the front of the courtyard and the additional silo behind the courtyard silo were also affected.
I got everything except for the silo expansion, no matter what I did it didn’t work.
So I replaced it with a shelter and allocated the missing 100,000l capacity to the silo, which now has 350,000l capacity per registered fruit.

To continue using your game status, do the following:
1. Create and save a new game
2. Go to your folder where the savegame file is located (note which location 1-8 e.g. your game occupies
3. In the savegame of the new game just created and copy the items.xml there
4. Then insert the items.xml into your score, so you have taken over the current buildings.

But make sure to copy the fill level of your silos in the old item.xml beforehand so that they are not lost.
If this is too complicated for you, you have no choice but to start again, which I would be very sorry.

County barley,
is a fictitious original big card for the LS. The naming came out of the game, in the search, if there is a place with this name, I came across a place in the Emsland, with this card has nothing in common, it is not a replica or the like.

To the map, there are:
1 main courtyard, divided into 3 courtyard areas, these are individually purchasable.
All species are once present at the main courtyard.
70 fields of different size, shape and partly strong gradients or gradients
11 Meadows with missions of different size, shape and sometimes steep slopes or inclines
11 small and large forest areas partly steep slopes or slopes
14 outlets
4 places barley, Speel, helmets, Linzen
4 building plots
3 free vents as an industrial area
a couple of transport missions
Ki Verkehr Landstraße is set to approx. 70 km / h
ATMs barley bank, Eurospar Linzen

Fire brigade with fire brigade barley can be switched on (red button on the building)
Police Station Barley Gates open automatically, all other goals have to be opened with the mouse
The map is SeasonsReady.

The launch vehicles and the yard are fully available in all levels, but can be sold (except three halls). However, the individual farm sections still have to be acquired.
The stables where manure is produced must be self-purged. To remove manure, the cabinet must be opened.

Textur: HS-Golf – Strassennetz leere mapLS13 Modhoster Tbereit1- Decoobjekte TopAce888- Metalltore und Zaun mpffh- Grasstexturen HoTSan_Andreas- Hofpack und Ställe Raphi- rampe Robi66- Minolls17 malymodder- Gewege TMT Isetta aus Oberthalbach – Old Times v3.0 2013 Hewaaa Nettomarkt Hoschi97, LS15LFBauer, Skin:Bulldog77 Nettoauflieger aus Schmitz SKO-Cool Pack 2017 möchtegernbauer Fleischer 2015 und Bäcker2015, plattenweg2013, Philipp.1998 plattenweg2017 mainzibaer Jägerzaunls15 Edit: Orginal bynick98 Converter Forstwirt33 fs19_strassenschilderpack Giants Basis, sämtliches PM-Modding Reitplatz JohnDeereFahrer68 Reithalle Yannik Halle2013 MTL Moddingteam Feuerwehrsirene LWS Terminator Polizeirevier2013 LS-Player94 Molkerei LS17 scarface2012 Strohkraftwerkls11 Realismus Modding Seasons Sollte ich jemanden vergessen haben, der Objekte von sich in der Map findet, bitte melden, Danke.


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