Conveyor Belt For Wood Chips V 1.1

forderband-fur-hackschnitzel (1)

forderband-fur-hackschnitzel (2)


This conveyor belt can be placed at any location on the map.

It is used to fill the trailer with wood chips.

Modell: Giants
Idee: Fussl1
Umsetzung: Mario
Script: Ifko[nator]


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13 Responses

  1. z3p says:

    mod won’t work tryed to rename still doesent work? can anyone help please!!

  2. Lilous says:

    Hi! all, did anyone know how to instal this mod ?

  3. Lilous says:

    Impossible a installer

  4. nisroc says:

    The README.TXT is in German so it is hard to say how to install it. I translated it the best i could.

    1.The script woodChipsFruchtRegestrierung.lua in the main folder of the Map copy (where the modDesc.xml is)
    This means if you are using a modded map where the map is still zipped you will have to add the woodChipsFruchtRegestrierung.lua to the map mod zip file.

    2. second open your modDesc.xml file with notepad and at the bottom add:

    and save as an xml file.

    3. last copy the folder with in this zip to your map \ models \ objects. So again if you are using a map mod, open the zip file and look for map folder them models and one step deeper to objects and tick the whole folder in there.

    that should be it.

    • nisroc says:

      step 2 was erased due to html format. the lines that are added are :
      NOTE: Put flags around these lines below as seen in the READme.txt

      additional source files
      source file filename = ” woodChipsFruchtRegestrierung.lua ” /
      / separate source files

      • fletch39 says:

        sourceFile filename=”woodChipsFruchtRegestrierung.lua”

        I had to use this to get it to work then use giants editor to add to map

  5. royboh says:

    Doesn’t seem to work – even when I put the appropriate files in the appropriate places manually.

  6. fletch39 says:

    Right click modDesc.xml and choose edit add this

    to see in game you need to add using giants editor

  7. fletch39 says:

    sourceFile filename=”woodChipsFruchtRegestrierung.lua”

  8. kneggis says:

    I really can’t get my head around this.
    So i need to create a modDesc.xml file somewhere?
    Because i can’t find it in the mod folder or the main folder.

  9. Verruckt says:

    Pode explicar melhor como fazer para instalar? Não consegui….

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