Condor Amazone V 1.1


Convertiert from agricultural simulator 2013.



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6 Responses

  1. eX... says:

    doesn´t work…. i see it in the main menu mod list but not at the ingame shop…

  2. vrglsz says:

    It´s not working properly. Try it on field number 16.

  3. Einy says:

    This mod works. To find it in the shop you have to hit the arrow on the top right to scroll to the mods (it’s after the manufactures). For some reason, it doesn’t sow all of field 16 and it leaves random patches that it won’t sow. I tried it in field 17 and it worked just fine. Maybe if field 16 is plowed first, it may work? I haven’t tried.

    Hope that helps…

  4. Electromech says:

    I don’t know man, It doesn’t seem to plant the seeds… I tried it in a field where the default sower can plant seeds…

  5. Rens says:

    Just tried it on field 16.
    The field was cultivated before I started seeding.
    The mod doesn’t plant.
    I can select the different seeds, but it just doesn’t seem to plant any of the seeds…

  6. JRT says:

    I thought the Condor was a fertilizer spreader.

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