Chopped Straw V 15.0.02

choppedstraw--2 (1)


This Specialization is possible, the chopped straw, from appropriately equipped threshers, to make them visible on the map.

To edit the files, I recommend * strongly * Notepad ++ . For me, I don’t have a better code editor. When editing the map.i3d I recommend to activate it in the following menus: Languages -> XML and View -> Automatic line break. That makes it much clearer.



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6 Responses

  1. dennis says:

    stro mod

  2. dennis says:

    wie kan ich den runterladen???

  3. KUBA says:


  4. KUBA says:

    fajnyjest ten mod

  5. Papabaer says:

    Wie bekomme ich diesen Mod runtergeladen

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