Went ahead and redid this since a small number of people liked it and were wanting it. Original version had tracks front and rear but i couldnt ever get the front to set up right so here is the version with just the rear smarttrax. Some will like it and some will hate it for whatever reason so take it as it is. All creator/editor credits are listed in the mod desc as well as myself for the few edits i did which include:
– Horsepower increase
– Capacity increased to 50000
– Working speed increased
– Working width increased massively
– Addition of the smarttrax in the rear

So as i said, take it for what it is. Ive spent a while playing with this thing so it does work. If you like it, then enjoy and if not then delete it.

Credits go to all creators/editors including myself (BT Modding) is listed in the mod desc.


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