– Color Configurations
Rims: Grey, Black, Steiger Green
Seat: Red, Grey, Black, Steiger Green
Body Paint (not actually a color config): Case IH Red, Black, Steiger Green, 20th Anniversary

– Wheel Configurations (52 total)
Trelleborg – 13
Michelin – 13
Mitas – 8
Goodyear – 6 (LSW Models courtesy of LR Modding, BlendArt, JHHG Modding, and Ivan E)
Firestone – 6
Case IH (Tracks) – 6 (ATI Track models courtesy of KMN Modding)

– US and EU Configurations

– Motor Configurations
470 – 517 HP
500 – 550 HP
540 – 605 HP
580 – 638 HP
620 – 682 HP

– Rear Fender Configurations
Fuel Tank Fenders
Extended Fenders

– Rear Lights Configuration
All Oval lights
All Square lights
Rear Square & Oval Cab
Rear Oval & Square Cab

– Front Configurations
Toolboxes (Default)
Weight Rack (Front weights courtesy of KMN Modding)
1400 lbs
2400 lbs
Oversize Signs
Front Tank Mount
Blade Mount

-Rear Attachment Configurations
Trailer Hitch
Trailer Hitch + 600 lb rear weight
Trailer Hitch + 1200 lb rear weight
Trailer Hitch + 1800 lb rear weight
3 pt Linkage

– Exhaust Configurations
Regular (curved)
Straight Pipe

– Window Tint Configurations

– AFS GPS Unit Configuration (Configurable only if Guidance Steering mod is installed. Will be installed by default otherwise)

– Three In-Cab Monitor Configurations
– Beacon Light Configurations
– Additional Front Light Configuration

– Y axis tilt and suspension on articulating joint
– Rotational & Vertical cab suspension
– Mesh grill and openable hood with modeled engine and animated motor fan
– Openable door with cab light while door is open
– 40 degree seat rotation
– Tilting Steering Column and armrest folding
– New AFS Monitor screen with real-time vehicle information
– ALL windshield wipers are now animated
– Modified sounds from the in-game quadtrac
– Plus many more smaller details!

Pitbull Attachable Blade
– Color Configuration
– Width Configurations
14′, 14′ Extensions, 16′, 16′ Extensions, 18′, 18′ Extensions, 20′, 20′ Extensions
-Functions as a leveler and a snow plow with the Seasons Mod

Attachable Steiger Front Tanks (2000l)
– Decal Configuration

NOTE: The mod name changed since V2.0.

If you experience any issues please let me know. Enjoy!

KarlFarms, KMN Modding, JHHG Modding, Steenkamp Modding


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