Version 0.9.5
Tandem variant
A new set of tires
Handbrake lever animated

Today we provide a real all-rounder for you. The Bruns 7.1t!
He has gotten a bit old, but cost-effective and very versatile. Whether in the grain harvest, Maishäckselarbeiten, timber transport, water supply, or the straw recovery with the Welger press, the Bruns 7.1t is always a reliable partner. Even pallets and round bales are no problem for him.

To the function:
The individual abutments are switched through with the Y key! To fold down the board walls for pallet and bale transport Press button O in the middle of the respective board wall. Please note the F1 help menu! When loaded with pallets land 5l of the respective cargo on the back of the truck, this is due to the design, unfortunately, not to change. Before you can change the construction again these 5l must be dumped! The functions of straps, UAL ect. should be known.
Special thanks go to Chef, Gnescher, HoT’s online team, and Warlocks for the releases.

Modell: Giants, Chefkoch, gnescher, Hexenmeister, Hoschi97, Butters Tuning Schmide /BTS, Oldenfarm, PeterAh, Eigi86
Textur: Giants, Chefkoch, gnescher, Hexenmeister, Hoschi97, Oldenfarm, PeterAH
Script: HoT online Team
Idee / Konzept: Oldenfarm, Eigi86
Tester: PeterAH, Eigi86, Kabu


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