BLOX FARM IN 1857 V1.3.0.0

Hiding behind spruces, covered with weeds and ivy, he lies there and disappears more and more. Nobody comes here for many many years.

Version 1.3
There was a check of the farm, it was found that bunker silo no longer meets the specifications. The walls are brittle and the silage falls through. It was blocked for silage production and should be replaced by a new one. (Currently standing silo and sign sell and the same silo can be repositioned, then it is also tight.)
At the same time, a hovering tree was placed on the ground near the sawmill.
The score can be maintained, but then the sign does not appear on the silo. Nevertheless, the bunker silo is defective and should be replaced for silage production.
Whether a new game is started, or an existing game is continued, the tree at the sawmill is no longer in the air.

Holiday, the best time of the year and you once again took a break from your stressful everyday life. You went to a small valley to relax on the secluded campsite on the hillside and recover. But the exploration of the environment is important to you in such moments and so you have looked around. After a few days of hiking in the valley, you came across an old but complete farm by accident. He is already pretty wild, the machines used and cute. Now almost a year later you have found the heirs of the deceased owner and have bought the farm for a smaller sum than it is worth. You are glad to be rid of him and you can say goodbye to your previous life and live your spontaneous dream of your own farm.
Have fun and good luck
Cards Fakts:
slightly hilly to hilly, for medium machines,
Fields partially on a hillside
Season Ready
complete yard – placeable, put together,
There was not so far
Industrial Property – Replaceable buildings through placeable productions because you can sell them
Cost no daily maintenance
2 very small places with pedestrians Könn and Detbiß
Speed cameras at more than 70 km / h (out of town), more than 30 km / h in towns in Könn) or more than 50 km / h (in the city of Detbiß)
8 outlets, plus the BGA when buying the property
51 fields and 3 meadows, 9 designated forest areas
60 purchasable properties
2 gas stations
Card runs for about a week in the single player test clean, multiplayer not tested.

Giants Ls13,15,17,19, Gebaeude, ivy, Lampen etc. Papaherz Idee, platzierbar GngModding Hühneranlage NostalgicFarmer Pferdescheune ModInc Hofschild Rumtreiber22 Wasserturm arii Spinnennetz Team-Rheinlandpfalz/ Gartenzwerg,Old Man markus Industriepack: Giants 19, Gebaeude, deko Papaherz Idee, platzierbar Karte: Giants sämtliches aus LS19 Nick98.1 Strassenschilder El Cid Dinge von seiner Two Rivers LS 15 unbekannt habe auf meiner Festplatte noch rostige Hinweisschilder gefunden und genutzt, weiß aber nicht von wem sie stammen. unbekannt2 ebenfalls kann ich nicht sagen woher das Händlergebäude stammt, fand ich auch noch auf meiner Festplatte. fendt2000, ansomale Deutz D40 DellwigerLTS Deutz Fahr schild tn47 Blitzer


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