BLOX FARM 1857 V1.0.0.0

A small but nice story about the menu.
Hidden behind the spruce trees, covered with weeds and ivy, he is lying there and the Blox farm is disappearing more and more.
No one has come here for many many years.
The vacation is the most beautiful time of the year and you have once again taken a break from your stressful everyday life.
You drove into a small valley to relax and recover on the remote campsite on the slope.
But also the exploration of the environment is important to you in such moments and so you looked around.
After a few days of hiking in the valley, you came across an old but complete farm by accident.
It is pretty wild.
Now, almost a year later, you have found the deceased owner’s heirs and bought the farm for less than what it is worth.
They are happy to be rid of him and you can say goodbye to your life so far and live your spontaneous dream of your own court.
Have fun and good luck expanding or redesigning.

Map facts:
slightly hilly to hilly, for medium-sized machines, fields partly on slopes
complete yard – placeable
Industrial properties – buildings can be replaced by placeable productions because you can sell them
and e.g. Global company factories replace
2 very small places with pedestrians and detbiss
Speed ​​camera (punishment)
at more than 70 kmh (extra-urban), more than 30 kmh (urban in Könn) or more than 50 KMH (urban Detbiß)
8 points of sale, plus the BGA when buying the property
51 fields and 3 meadows, 9 designated forest areas
60 properties to buy
2 gas stations
Seasons mod with built-in

Credits block:
Giants Ls13,15,17,19, buildings, ivy, lamps etc.

MPT-Moppsi, TK-DaNNy idea, placeable
TK-BaSTiaN chicken facility, horse barn
TK-DaNNy Hofschild
MPT-Moppsi water tower, spider web
MultiPlayer meeting point garden gnome, Old Man

Industry pack:

Giants 19, building, decoration
MPT-Moppsi idea, placeable

Giants all from LS19
TK-BaSTiaN street signs
TK-DaNNy things from his Two Rivers LS 15
MPT-Moppsi still has rust on my hard drive
Information signs found and used,
but do not know who they are from.
unknown also i can’t say where
I also found the dealer building
still on my hard drive.
fendt2000 Deutz D40
DellwigerLTS Deutz driving sign
tn47 speed camera

Modell: Textur: Script: Idee / Konzept: Tester: Sonstige: alle Credits finden sie in der Beschreibung


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