Bjorn Country Map V 2.0

bjorn_land (1)

bjorn_land (2)

bjorn_land (3)


Version 2.0
what we have here is an updated version which includes. right the chicken got moved to there new chicken farm located on pda also we now got pigs and cattle. The bga got moved to a new better position surrounded by fields and a new forest near to the farm and a few new short cut roads.

water mod,mapsiloband,fermenting silo,watermilk trailer all from Marhu.
BaleToManure Skript by rafftnix
timeControlledslidingGate by Daniel (Desperados93)


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3 Responses

  1. Acca says:

    The map don’t load? I wait over 15min

  2. Gulliver says:

    where can i sell the milk? i couldn’t find any place for that on the map …

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