Configurations in the store:
-kabiny (roof, old cabin, new cabin, cladding)
-cut (narrow, wide)
-kogut (original, on the footer)
-lamps (original, newer, reworked)

What he has:
– Steady wajchy
– Taken flaps for approach
– Opened door and window
– Rear lights
– Foldable / forage harvester for approach
– Collapsible / fitted covers
-You can get up (better view)
-Animated lamps, chopper elements etc … (they move during threshing)
– A decomposed pipe for approach
– Movable pulleys and windmill
-Animated tips
– Straw walkers
-Real lights
– Moving axis
– Bended tires
– Illuminated clocks
– New nice sounds
– Smoke when firing and turning on the threshing machine

Heder Z056 Blue

The author of the model: Marcello1942, Asd4
Author: MatSon, Toczka

What he has:
– A scythe is moving
– Pulley pulleys
– Attached / detachable beaks and cover for approach
-Animated beaks and shield (they move during threshing)
– Actuating actuators

Marcello1942, Asd4, MatSon, Toczka

DOWNLOAD Bizon_Z056_Niebieski_wypakuj.rar – 53.2 MB

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