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BGAextension V 3.0

bgaextension--2 (1)


While the normal BGA what ( almost ) around it only the sales agent for silage with a bit of scenery , it is with the BGA extension to a system Whose operational shoulderstand be operated with a little common sense and planning .

The operational and information is output to the Bef├╝lltrigger for the digestate or walking on the chamber feed . The system is automated in the morning and evening fed by 8 and 20 clock . The amount you can on the control trigger within limits set . Depending On Whether you prefer efficient ( high Faul grade) or high throughput ( more money per time , but less money per substrates Used ) want to run the plant . Below are therefore the TS content in the fermenter and the current generator power .
Sell / commissioning

Purchasing and commissioning have been revised Significantly from V2.0 .

Idea / Script: upsidedown
Tester: Scalath & Underground Modding
Artwork: eribus


3 replies on “BGAextension V 3.0”

Hi mann great work on this mod I like it alot…

But for some reason the plant doesn’t start back up when i log back in the game… Is there something here im doing wrong or is it a small error…

And a small ? is it possible to somehow make a drop zone in there for potatoes to put in later? Cause now i only have the option to drive back on forward between plant and farm with the wheel loader.

Great work mann…

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