BELARUS MTZ-2022 B V1.3.1

In the Park is a tractor, kun and pitchfork.
– Price in the store: 56 999 euros.
– Leave trace.
– Flying dust from under the wheels.
– Works lighting.
– The dashboard is working.
– Tractor speed: 40 km / h.
– Engine selection when buying in the store (two engines).
– Tractor power: 212/226 HP
– Fuel tank capacity: 370 l.
– Working mirrors.
– Choice of fastening for front loader.
– Wheel selection (4 types).
– Deformation of tires.
– Dirty and clean.
– Good sound.
– Wipers turn on in the rain.
– Turn the workplace.

Changes v1.3.1:
– Updated textures.
– Minor bugfixes.
– Set up loader mount with dynamic hoses.

Giedrius, Stas21, Павел Лушников, Кирюха, Jesse Lawrence, Relax (Convert and Update)


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