By fashion: Color: – choice of seat upholstery color; – choice of roof upholstery color; – The choice of color of plastic in the cabin; – choice of color of the plumage of the tractor; – choice of rim / wheel rim color. Configuration PNO (front attachment): – towing loop; – front load bracket (+ 50kg); – front loads (+ 450kg); – front loads in 2-row execution (+ 900kg); – PNU (front mounted equipment); – PNU with PTO (front mounted equipment with power take-off shaft). Reversible control station: The tractor is equipped with a reversible control station in order to expand the possibilities of aggregation with front-mounted agricultural machines. – An additional rear steering column with a metering pump; – duplicated pedal drives for controlling the clutch, brakes, fuel supply; – seat reversing mechanism. GPS system. The tractor is equipped with a GPS system, in other words, an agronavigator is installed. This function is associated with the “Guidance Steering” (GPS mod). Without this mod, the visual display function of the agronavigator will not be available. Extra seat (passenger seat). Steering wheel selection: 4 options are available. Choice of steps: 3 or 4 steps. Bonnet: There are 3 bonnet options to choose from. Hood design. For each of the 3 hoods, a design choice is provided in the form of stickers / ornaments / drawings in 2 versions. On-board / trip computer (installed on the side rack of the cab). Displays the following information – in-game time (digital parameter); – inclusion of turn signals (graphic parameter); – engine speed (digital parameter); – speed (digital parameter); – instant fuel consumption (digital parameter); – MTT tractor operating time (digital parameter); – engine temperature (graphic parameter); – fuel level (graphic parameter); – air pressure in the receiver (graphic parameter). Protective frame for working in the forest. Flasher There are 3 installation options to choose from – on the left; – on right; – left / right. Side window design. It is a Belarusian ornament in white. Tinted glass. There are 3 options to choose from – without tinting; – tinted rear and side windows; – tinted doors, as well as rear and side windows. Muffler. A choice of 6 options for silencers. When choosing some silencers, an additional tank and battery box can be moved (depending on the choice of configurations). The serial number of the tractor. The choice of numbers from 01-10. Put on the left door. Windshield design. It is a different inscription with a background and without, in the upper part of the glass. There are 10 options to choose from. The choice of engine. There are two engine options to choose from with their sounds – D-260 – 155 hp – DEUTZ-TCD2012L062V – 178 hp Front loader attachment. At the moment, there is only a mount for the default STOLL loader. In the future, it is planned to add the BLUMING-750 loader with its interchangeable equipment. Choice of wheels: – standard; – standard with rear spacers for spark; – rear twin wheels; – Rear and front twin wheels 1 option; – rear and front twin wheels option 2; – narrow wheels; – rear narrow twin wheels; – rear and front narrow twin wheels.

Bear Farm


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