Animals Hud
shows all details on the screen.

Animals in the stables. Chickens, cows, pigs, horses, sheep

Version Geo Location + Animal Pen Update Chicken Water
+ added for the Animal Pen extension mod the chicken water fill Level on the Hud.
if you dont use the animal pen extension then all the same as before.
thats it;)

Cleanliness in%
Food in the filling troughs in liters + current filling volume +%
Water, straw, etc.
Products: eggs, milk, manure, manure, wool
Font size changeable and saves for the next time
The Hud is also storable.
In addition, from version, the products of the animals. Liter, kg
As of version, the key inputs must be set. So everyone can decide for themselves what they want to have displayed.

You can even choose what should be displayed. Station wagons are also possible.

Multiplayer tested! Who can please let me know if everything works or not. Thank you.

If everything is ok and sparking, do not forget thumbs up. 🙂 PS: make a subscription for the future mods.

NEW for all info and status about the mods: Instagram: xDeekay_farming
PS: Is the 1st Script mod of me 😛 Thanks to BIGBLUEHH for his tip and MOD!

Script: Deekay
Idee / Konzept: Deekay
Tester: Deekay
Sonstige: 1st Script


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