We are proudly greet you on a unique hungarian farm!

– One big farm (pigs / cows) – important : on medium/hard difficulty you have to buy the land of the main farm!
– Biogas Plant
– 34 fields – 8 of them are sowed with grass
– 4 sale point
– Vehicle shop with test roads
– Forest
– Mission system
– Animated Doors with sound
– Purchaseable fields
And so other…

In the upcomings updates you can vote for the way of extending! Follow us on! Changelog:
– Added “Snow Mask” for seasons mod
– Improved collision of the animal dealer and trainstation
– Fixed minor bugs Changelog:
– New savegame recommended
– Rebuild farm
– Rebuild pig farm, cow farm and chicken
– Added sheep and horse
– Added snow on the roofs of buildings
– Rebuild and textured buildings
– New preview picture
– 9 new fields and 6 meadows
– About 97ha of new ground
– Added new forest
– Added new village
– Sleeping point has been added
– New PDA
– New routes

gamerhzs, BaluFSH, Bundáskenyér feat. n0tr3adY


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