AHWI FM700 V 4.0


Here is a forestry machine of the brand Ahwi, which thanks to its excellent impact power fits better to the forest surfaces than the original toy.

The forage harvester makes what you expect from it and requires a recommended output of min. 260 hp.

The level of detail of the model has been kept low since …
… I had hardly any picture material available (deviations to the original available!)
… the mod should be finished quickly (modding time FS15 version: 11.01.15-30.01.15)
… I first put my UV map myself (nothing automapping)
… I wanted to learn about this mod with the new texturesystem. (Therefore simple dirt map)

News of the V2 (FS15)
Completely revised:
– Sounds
– Collisions
– ParticleSystems
– General adjustments

– Smoke (exhaust) when switching on
– slow through the wood
– Plow function incl. ParticleSystems and specialfeature
– Collision of the cylinders of the large flap with the small prevents

V2.1 (Bugfix) (FS15)
Game crashes at the end of the game as well as the resetting of the attachments were fixed. The error that the game crashes during the PURCHASE is not reconstructable. Will hardly be on the mulcher. Furthermore, there was a problem, which I could not reconstruct, but the user “hilgner” has sent me a log error. This may be the case if the attached vehicles were not properly converted to exhaustEffects (new exhaust smoke). I will NOT take that into consideration!

News of the V3 (FS15)
As promised, the documentation has been released and I have put myself again at the Ahwi. He can finally chop up trunks and whole trees! It was actually not easy, because the SplitShapes (Distributable Objects) are not easy to control. In addition, I had to change some of the scripts, even if the change sounds so simple.
But now I wish you a lot of fun and happy work with the new version!
As always, I am happy about constructive criticism (and praise).

V4.0: Conversion FS17
The machine has been converted to the best of our knowledge and belief. I’ve moved aside from one, completely to the new ParticleSystem. Actually I wanted to completely change, but I failed shortly before the goal. Threads in the GDN forum and the Giants forum on this topic remained unanswered
The brand and storepics were updated, all the files cleared up, so I could reduce both the file size and the required game memory.
Small “errors”, which were already present in the V3, were discovered and repaired at the extensive testing.
The CutNode has been reworked once again. He now also cope with the thickest tribes (I hope these were the thickest …)

The version with the pipe for the production of wood chips (FM 700 H) will probably not be converted separately. Much more I will try to realize this as a purchase option in a version of the normal Ahwi FM700. This will certainly not be easy. According to Manuel Leithner’s FarmCon lecture, this should be possible. Giants uses this feature on 250 vehicles only once, which makes me particularly proud if I can use this function successfully for a second vehicle in the LS17.
Unfortunately, there is currently no support from the game developer to be expected, as both the official forum as well as the GDN forum, which so far was rather considered “insider tip”, overcrowded with partly nonsensical questions …

Little concern still on the edge. Please be fair and use the original download link. There is a lot of work and time in such mods. Respect it please. Thank you!


DOWNLOAD FS17_ahwiFM700.zip – 8.7 MB

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